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"We have felt for quite some time that to be successful, satellite radio needs to offer something that you can't get anywhere else. Without that, their offering was only a marginal improvement on free radio. Now they have something that people will be willing to pay for."

-Jim Poh/media director/Crispin Porter & Bogusky/Miami

"There is no doubt that a loyal audience of Stern's size could potentially bring in millions of subscribers to satellite radio. However, the bigger question is: Does his core market have the income to do this?"

-Sarah Toulouse/music host/Chicago Public Radio/Chicago

"The only things that will make Sirius successful are good management, a long-term vision of what the medium can become, an innovative mix of entertainment options and a smart marketing program. While Stern is a good choice to add to the entertainment mix ... the real question is how he fits into the long-term branding for Sirius."

-Allen Barkus/president/Ted Barkus Co./Philadelphia

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