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"The FCC penalties just seem exorbitant and absurd at this point. I would be shocked to learn that is the first instance in which suggestive acts with strippers were on network TV before 10 o'clock. Especially if there was no explicit nudity, the fine comes off as puritanical."

-Julie Culver/literary agent/Lowenstein Yost Assocs./New York

"So the FCC fines CBS a half million for outright showing Janet Jackson's breast to millions of Super Bowl viewers, but fines Fox over a million for sexually suggestive acts on a show only a handful of people saw: What gives? Right now their guidelines for what is decent and what is not make no sense."

-Michael Vourlias/systems engineer/Equilend/New York

"The FCC is getting too far out of hand! I wish they would jump off their high horse for a second and take a look at the real world. Surprise! It's changing ... go with it!"

-Jacqueline Smith/public and media relations/Bradley University/Peoria, Ill.

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