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"Done appropriately, product placement can serve as an effective connection point for consumers. We all want more information and more assurance that we have made the 'right' choice. Editorial content can play an important role [in that]."

-Jeremy Fingerman/former president-U.S. soup division/Campbell Soup Co./Marion Station, Pa.

"This latest move ... compromises journalistic integrity. Apply GM's thinking to a political campaign: Should candidates be able to buy time in newscasts? If GM wants to be featured in magazine content, they should design a vehicle that doesn't rely on fossil fuel. Now THAT would be newsworthy."

-James Dodd/director-strategic planning/Dutcher Group/Tampa, Fla.

"Advertisers truly need to start thinking outside of traditional media. Maybe product placement in magazines won't work, maybe it will. The only way to know for sure is to give it a shot. I applaud GM's willingness to try something different."

-Brittany Dales/account executive/Sheehy & Associates/Louisville, Ky.

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