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"Yes, morality played a role in this election, but that doesn't mean much unless you are marketing to those people. Will Bud Light now have commercials with birds and butterflies? No, that doesn't speak to their audience. You may see some companies swing more towards morally correct ads, but only if that is their audience."

-JR Hopwood/marketing coordinator/ Lauderdale, Fla.

"The pretentiousness that a lot of creatives-and their Baby Boomer bosses-exude is something that should be humbled ASAP by taking note of the 3.5 million plus voters who put W back in office."

-Daniel Crask/art and design manager/BDG/Cincinnati

"The networks have a responsibility to the public to seriously look at their content for all programming, including advertisements, and consider the consequences of pushing programming with only one interest in mind-the ratings."

-Rosanna Napoli-Norkin/freelance consultant/New Rochelle, N.Y.

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