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"'Manifestos' work or don't work, in the same way as 'mission statements.' They are usually feel-good moves aimed more at rallying the troops or impressing investors. Turning the marketing culture of a company such as Coke around is, as they say, like turning around an aircraft carrier in the Panama Canal."

Andres Sullivan/multicultural marketing director/Linc/Marina del Rey, Calif.

"Throwing more money after the problem isn't going to help. They are looking for a mind-set change, which will have to involve a new way of thinking brought on by new blood."

-Jason J. Therrien/president/Thunder Tech/Cleveland

"Neville Isdell's 'Manifesto for Change,' reflects that he just might have found Coca-Cola's pulse. Isdell's courage to admit the company's failure to perform well in world markets since 1997 is more than PR strategy. It shows that this CEO recognizes change can only follow a realistic identification of problematic areas of execution."

-Dr. John Luton/associate professor-mass communications/ Elizabeth City University/Elizabeth City, N.C

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