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"The entire planet knows what Viagra is, what it is used for, and what the possible 'side effects' are. By targeting Pfizer's advertising, the FDA has positioned itself as a moral authority, overstepping their otherwise clear-cut boundaries."

-Kathy Kraft/senior business manager/ BBDO/Chicago

"The erectile dysfunction ads are not only in the red zone of bad taste, but also promote drug use when that may not be necessary. These drugs are marketed like beer, addressing similar themes of male insecurity. If the advertising community and drug companies do not use appropriate discipline, the FDA should step in."

-Mike Cole/adjunct professor of marketing/Pace University/New York

"What these ads did was introduce the concept of Viagra as a 'lifestyle' drug, rather than as a treatment for a specific condition. Pfizer succeeded-the ads were in heavy rotation before they were pulled. Pfizer made its point and the FDA got to flex some muscle; a win for everyone."

-Teri Anderson/VP-account supervisor/ Campbell-Ewald/Warren, Mich.

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