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"While the `street cred' imagery is important in certain circles, most of the broadcast advertisers are conservative companies that do not want that association at all. ... The melee will make a number of these companies rethink their investment in an environment that glorifies thug behavior."

-Pete Michalsky/exec VP-general manager/ Bauer Ad Sales/New York

"Aside from basketball fans and people who live in the Midwest, who even knew or cared about the Indiana Pacers? If the Pacers win a title or make a playoff run without Ron Artest this year, they will be regarded as heroic."

-Tim Allen/account manager/Spike TV/Chicago

"It isn't the Pacers who will suffer. It is the NBA. Now instead of just `spoiled' athletes, we have `spoiled criminal' athletes."

-Phil Wood/vice chair/Starr Seigle Communications/Honolulu

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