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"Drug companies will have to rethink DTC content and creative strategy, but the lure of mass market-still relatively new to drug companies and their ad agencies-offers too much perceived potential revenue to turn away from."

-Kathy Kastner/CEO/ Health Television System/Orchard Park, N.Y.

"DTC advertising is the largest and fastest-growing area in advertising. The FDA has already chosen to let drugs and drug testing slide. They can't-or won't-stop the big money pharmaceutical companies if they haven't already done so."

-Feliz Skamser/senior art director/Freelance Healthcare Art Direction/New York

"Despite positive or negative aspects of DTC advertising, the pharmaceutical industry continues to be an unregulated one with the right to communicate about the products it manufactures. And, as health-care continues to become more consumer driven, the need for ... manufacturers to communicate with their public will increase."

-Liza Stavchansky Lewis/lecturer/University of Texas at Austin

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