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"Initially, it probably will hurt sales, but not by much. Depending on what the new `sensible solution' products are, by voluntarily taking a consumer-friendly, socially conscious step like this, Kraft could win some very big `brownie points' with consumers in the long run."

-Andrea Burns/senior project manager/MMR Research Associates/Roswell, Ga.

"This change should not hurt Kraft sales if it focuses its advertising on healthy snacks. Children are so influenced by what they see and hear on television, they will begin to ask for new products without realizing that the new foods are healthier choices."

-Dawn Barsamian/senior administrative assistant/Kraft Foods/Glenview, Ill.

"Kraft is a recognizable brand that has been around for so long, [the new advertising strategy] may not have an impact. People will not forget that Oreos exist. If they want them, they will buy them regardless of the ads."

-Courtney Bosch/conference coordinator/Primedia/Stamford, Conn.

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