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"If anything, the majority of the Super Bowl viewers watch simply for the ads. The high price of Super Bowl spots is a worthwhile investment if it means your audience is guaranteed to see your ad. Men watch! Women watch! Families watch! What more is there to say?"

-Imani Grant/assistant media analyst/Mediaedge:cia/New York

"The companies often try so hard to have a funny and/or memorable ad, they lose sight of their desired consumer response or intended message. Cool, everyone remembers your ad, but do they remember the product?"

-Charles Young/student/Point Park University/Pittsburgh

"The general public already thinks the prices they pay for goods and services are too high; pricing for this media event would be one of those things that could explain to consumers why things they purchase are so expensive. But, if the advertisers have the budget, I can understand why they would want to be [at the Super Bowl]."

-Lynn Lekander/media director/Creative Link/ San Antonio

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