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"The guilt or innocence of the [ Ogilvy & Mather] folks doesn't reflect on anything other than themselves. Although, innocence by association is as erroneous as guilt by association."

-Tom Messner/partner/Euro RSCG/New York

"The case follows in the path of the recent accounting, financial and energy scandals. Agencies now have to show prospective (and current) clients that they are 'squeaky clean' in their accounting to protect clients from the associated smirch of a public trial for fraud."

-Sam Welch/president/Requirements Based Learning/Chesapeake, Va.

"No one takes [scandals] seriously and the damage is seldom instructive. There is always someone in the wings to sweep up and another with an honest face to declare, 'This was an aberration and doesn't reflect the good intentions of the great majority.' In no time at all , all is forgotten if not forgiven."

-Robert Sawyer/freelance creative director/New York

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