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"[Hewlett-Packard] wanted a tiger and found one, but realized that she made them feel like tigers, too. And that wasn't a good fit. What they really wanted was their comfortable good old days back again."

-Karen Davis/president/The Meadows Group/Kingston, N.Y.

"In the last five or so years that Carly Fiorina ran HP, sales dropped and profits plummeted. These are the two most important indicators of any CEO's performance. Carly Fiorina may have great high-altitude thinking, but it obviously did not pay off. The bottom line says it all."

-Vimal Parthasarathy/media director/Dentsu Communications/Bangalore, India

"It was a drastic move sacrificing Carly Fiorina, but how long could HP endure that handwringing and gnashing of teeth? They are behind the eight ball now and should admit it as such with a new campaign built on the tagline `reinvent."'

-Adrian Woodliffe/director/Genisis Ltd./Wellington, New Zealand

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