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"McDonald's challenges are not advertising related. Enhancing customer experience in the stores and reminding consumers about their favorite fries is all they need to do."

Seamus McGee Fizpatrick

Chairman-CEO/Vision Media/Detroit

"The word 'it' is the kiss of death in advertising. Could you be more non-descript. 'Lovin'? Who are they targeting?"

Steve Burks

President/Meta Enterprises/Bloomington, Ill.

"The theme of loving McDonald's is great, but something that reflects its everydayness and the craving you get for it would be better. Maybe 'Must have McD's'?"

Cathy Jones

Account manager/Hall & Partners/New York

"The message jumps the gun in assuming people are back. McDonald's has issues, whether it's poor customer service or health issues. McDonald's needs to focus on regaining what it's lost and building a positive image. Once that's accomplished they can use 'I'm lovin' it.'"

Frank Trevino

Director-advertising/Corbiq/Sugar Land, Texas

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