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"Martha Stewart's companies were based on her style and soft-spoken way she made it all look simple to try and stylish to do. There cannot be a Martha Stewart without the goddess herself, and you can't plant petunias for the salads in jail!"

Shari Greer

Region director/ABC National Marketing/Houston

"Brand equity will ultimately be pulled down with the negative exposure that Ms. Stewart's indictment will bring. Take a lesson from Andersen, oops ...I mean Accenture. Rename or be replaced. It would be like naming a new Chinese restaurant 'Sars Noodle.' It carries a lot of baggage."

Alex Bastian

Pharmaceutical Healthcare rep/Pfizer/Milwaukee

"I reached for the current edition of Living last week at Home Depot, then stopped. Should I, shouldn't I? I found myself wanting to run down the aisles shouting: 'I love Martha and I don't care who knows it!' "

Kelly Thompson

Consumer/Los Angeles

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