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"In the short term it certainly has tarnished the brand. The long-term effect will be determined by how well they continue to manage this and make sure it doesn't happen again. It calls into question the overall credibility and fact-checking of one of the most respected newspaper brands in the world. "

Rick Rice

Managing director/GCI, Grey Global Group/San Francisco

"You have a paper that you've read your whole life and assumed it was a paragon of integrity. This scandal causes you to question those assumptions. This has taken the patina and luster off the Times. Before it was Olympian; now it's just another newspaper."

John Lively

President-CEO/Taunton Press/Newtown, Conn.

"The New York Times remains a venerable newspaper. This is its 15 minutes of fame. Not the 15 minutes it would have wanted, but it will soon pass."

Alex Gellert

Partner-managing director/Merkley Newman Harty/New York

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