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"There already is one. It's called TLC, and yes, it's hugely successful with viewers."

Susan Clemens

Senior account executive/Comcast/Hartford, Conn.

"The reality show phase will pass (soon, hopefully) as have other trends like the game shows just a few years ago. Better to keep the reality shows mixed in with other programming to give advertisers more options for reaching a broader audience."

Kathleen Peach

Asst. vice chancellor/UC Riverside/Riverside, Calif.

"Contrary to popular belief the reality TV demographic was not created with "Survivor." It has been evolving for at least 15 to 20 years. Memorably it was pioneered by "Donahue." Audiences loved it: no scripts, no actors, just real people in real situations. The seed planted then has now grown into a prosperous genre and there is no end in sight. "

Chris Nicely

Director/James Communications/Huntington, W.V.

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