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"You can never have too much evidence of how it works. But does everything have to be seen in terms of how each discipline works against another? The objective is to prove how it all works together and each agency should already be doing that. "

Andrew Robertson

President-CEO/ BBDO North America

"Intuitively we all know advertising works, but there is a confidence crisis caused by convergence of new media, fragmentation of existing media and the maturation of the most media-savvy generation ever. That puts a burden on the industry to demonstrate it knows how to create ads that work despite the change."

Steve Bowen

President-CEO/Bayless Cronin/Atlanta

"Advertising works, but differently now. It works better in combination with other things that before were viewed as luxuries-PR, direct marketing, interactive -that may now be necessities."

Dick Roth

President/Roth Associates/New York

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