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71% ...of readers say it was a mistake for the government to end its run of anti-drug spots linking illegal drugs to terrorism. The remaining 29% thought the ONDCP was right to terminate the campaign.

" McCann Erickson's office carries the logo 'truth well told,' which could easily apply to the message our government is sending kids. It's clear, it's true and it's appropriate for the times. In fact it would have been wiser to increase exposure to this message."

Paul Benjou

Director of client services/AdWare/New York

"The concept and spots insulted the intelligence of thinking people everywhere. Scare tactics, unlinked claims and "bad guys"; this is turning into a regular modus operandi for this administration."

Dave Robinson

President/O'Leary & Partners/Irvine, Calif

"The drug czar was trying to piggy-back his unpopular war on marijuana smokers to the more popular war against terrorism. It did not work and kids were laughing at the ads. By attempting to demonize marijuana the czar has now lost all credibility."

Keith Stroup

Executive director/NORML/Washington, DC

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