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81% ...of the 4,082 readers who responded to our weekly online poll say that CNN has lost its crisis news network crown to Fox News. But of those offering further comment, not all were impressed by Fox.

"CNN still has the most objective reporting on television. Fox is way too sensationalist and goes for sound bites instead of sound reporting."

Pam Riley

Marketing manager/Accountants Media Group/Fort Worth, Texas

"CNN has become the Al Gore of news networks, changing its clothing, hairdo and mannerisms to show that this time they 'get it.' They don't. Fox is successful because they know who they are and what they stand for-fair and balanced news."

Jeff Graham

Account executive/Core/St. Louis

"No one deserves a crisis news network crown this time around. They all stink! Objective journalism is dead among the major news networks. We get the same pro-American stories on every network. As for NBC's decision to fire Peter Arnett, don't get me started."

Graham McKenna

Copywriter/Pacifico/San Jose, Calif.

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