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92% ...of Ad Age readers did not think that a quick resolution to the conflict in Iraq would prompt an economic upturn. But there were several economists among the 8% who thought a swift end to the war might stimulate an improvement in the economy.

"The war in Iraq is only one front this country finds itself battling. The war on terrorism, heightened tensions with North Korea and an unsettled European Community all weigh heavily on our economic health."

Paul Benjou

MD/Council on National Newspaper Advertising/New York

"While we expect ad revenues to rebound quickly when the situation in Iraq is resolved, the timing of this resolution is obviously unclear."

Peter Appert

Newspaper analyst/Goldman Sachs/New York

"The level of uncertainty in financial markets as well as in the economy has played a profound role in dampening a tremendous amount of liquidity that presently exists. An end to the war would remove some of that uncertainty and pave the way for a more profound advance in business investment."

Lawrence Goodman

Managing partner/GlobalEqon/New York

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