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67% ...of readers say withdrawing ads in modern wartime does not make sense. They favor a fresh look at the strategy of going dark. Of the other 33%, many saw good reason for at least a temporary hiatus.

"Any change in normal economic activity will be a mini-victory for the terrorists."

Jamil Akhtar

Executive director/Orient McCann Erickson/Lahore, Pakistan

"Isn't the point of advertising to increase sales? If an advertiser is concerned sales may drop during wartime isn't that the time to increase advertising?"

Greg Hancock

Los Angeles Account Manager/Rolling Stone/Los Angeles, Calif.

"A couple of days without ads won't cause advertisers to go out of business. But airing ads during wall-to-wall coverage times may be more harmful than a two-day break. Two days can easily be made good."

Jennifer Fusco

Sales manager/WUNC-FM/Chapel Hill, N.C.

"The nature of the ad should be considered before it's pulled. An airline ad might not make economic sense."

Frank Savarese

Regional account director/Dentsu China/Hong Kong

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