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68% ...of readers who voted in the AdAge online open poll say Charlotte Beers was successful in her 17-month tour of duty as undersecretary for public affairs and public diplomacy. Many noted, however, that her success was relative to the difficulty of the task.

"How could she be successful, given the Herculean task of trying to counterbalance policies so thoroughly disliked around the world? She came to the plate with two strikes against her and a wicked slider on the way. To appropriate a recent ad, you can put lipstick on the pig but if your date thinks you're a swine, don't expect to do much dancing."

Donna L. Simmons

Creative director/S.J.Bailey & Sons/Clarks Summit, Pa.

"A 10-minute review of the history of propaganda shows that no country has improved its image by dumping messages into another culture. Campaigns that have worked have virtually all used the same slow strategy: Get your message to trusted sources within a culture and then trust they will think about, rework, embellish and ultimately carry your message with the power of their own domestic credibility."

David Snowball

Professor/Augustana College/Rock Island, Ill.

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