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91% ...of readers say that, if they were the marketer for an obviously French brand, they'd be worried that U.S. consumers might boycott their goods. Only 9% were confident U.S. consumers would not change their purchasing habits.

"The media is making a bigger deal of this than the citizenry. Those in support of U.S. policy probably don't have the activist leanings required to refuse a fine wine."

Tracy Levitz

Art director/Advertaria/Indiana, Pa.

"The height of anti-patriotism, anti-free-commerce and anti-consumerism would be to cease recommending the French products we love and risk the reputation of our ongoing business and the employment of our loyal, knowledgeable staff."

Steve Silver

Proprietor/Pearsons Wine & Liquor/Washington D.C.

"As the majority of Americans seem to support the French stance of a slower course in invading Iraq, I doubt there will be a major boycott of French products. Plus, many Americans already have a negative opinion of the French and it hasn't affected their imports before."

Brian Quinn

VP, Eastern Ad Sales/CBS Marketwatch, New York

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