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85% ...of the 1,238 who voted in this public poll say that marketing to teens has become so powerful and even underhanded that it requires government regulation. The 15% who did not think regulation necessary are more vocal in explaining their reasoning.

"Marketing to teens is no less and no more powerful or underhanded than marketing to any other affinity group. Heaven help us from those who would save us from ourselves."

Steve Rotterdam

Chief creative officer/EastWest Creative/New York

"The negative implications of marketing to teens are overrated. Teens are aware of ads and like them. They are an inevitable part of the consumer society that we live in. Given that teens, like adults, are bombarded by messages from so many angles I am very doubtful that it would actually be possible to regulate all of them even if we wanted to."

Eulalia Pereira


"These teens have parents, right?"

Josslyn Mikow

Copywriter/Greenhaus/San Diego

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