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89% ...of readers say that a U.S.-led war on Iraq will have no negative impact on sales of American brands overseas. Just 11% of the 1,312 respondents to the poll felt that U.S. companies would suffer. The minority were more willing to explain their logic, however.

"Well, 89% of people are wrong, since there will be an immediate impact on the prices of petroleum products and in the budgets of consumers worldwide. With less money consumers will buy less U.S. goods than usual."

Tony Villeda

CEO-Strategy Business Development/Comunicacion Internationacional/Euro RSCG/San Jose, Costa Rica

"A U.S.-led war on Iraq has the potential to focus the Islamic ethnicities in an anti-American fashion, with a resulting loss of positive image of obviously American products."

Dave Fagan

CEO/Davidinci Labs/Scio, N.Y.

"It will have a negative impact on sales because everyone hates the way we're acting, including about 40% of U.S. citizens."

Josslyn Mikow

Copywriter/Greenhaus/San Diego, Calif.

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