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91% ...of readers say the apparent boom in new business in January was a sign that the advertising market is rebounding. But a vocal 9% were quick to caution against premature optimism.

"I am astounded at this poll result. One month does not a recovery make. Did we not learn anything over the past few years?"

Steve McNeely

Partner-principal/PSM Media Partners/Los Angeles, Ca

"With a pending war in Iraq, I would not bet money on anything rebounding right now."

Lucy Brown

Study director/Synovate/Arlington Heights, Ill.

"We cannot assume anything right now, there are too many factors in flux at the moment: oil; conflict and overall consumer confidence in the economy."

Stephen Lamb

Media director/Fire IMC/Belfast, N.Ireland

"It's not necessarily a rebound. It could mean companies are making sure they have the right resources when things do turn around, or feel they need more from their resources in this downturn."

Richard Maddock/Maddock & Partners/New York, NY

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