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97% ...of readers say State Department ads are an effective way of changing perceptions of the U.S. Just 3% of the 4,365 respondents say the ads are not effective, but they are a vocal minority who have a lot to say about why the ads don't work.

"Advertising is perceived to be a US-devised machine that perpetuates myths at the expense of cultures in countries where entertainment is not a primary product."

Lara Stella

Solutions specialist/Yahoo/Sydney, Australia

"Unfortunately for the U.S., ads are not a panacea for changing perceptions of America. Branding U.S. foreign relations and diplomacy is ineffective at best. The effort would be better served and managed with public relations and integrated political/diplomatic marketing."

Joe Lamachia

Principal/Classic Communications/New York, NY

"For advertising to work there has to be an underlying belief that the source is credible. Advertising overseas from the U.S. State Department? Please."

Jonathan Hutter

Director of account services/Garrand & Company/Portland, Me

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