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55% ...of readers say that the cost of a Super Bowl spot has become inflated beyond its real value to advertisers. The remaining 45% said it has not.

"Why would a responsible marketer in today's economy pay $2.1 million for the opportunity of presenting their brand to the family pets as the humans take a bathroom break? It's lunacy."

Leslie Ross

Director-Marketing Communications/Naviant/New York

"If the ads are memorable and made the product memorable, then $2.1million is a fine amount. But we've built so much expectation around this event that advertisers feel compelled to overreach, designing ads to entertain, not educate or sell. Prices rise and the spots still sell out, so the price isn't too inflated-but advertisers need to use them right."

Bill Davies

President/Strategic Media Solutions/Inner Grove Heights, MN

"When you stop to consider the pre-Bowl hype and the post-Bowl buzz about the commercials, your overall value can't be measured by cost-per-spot."

David Ferber

National Sales Manager/KTTC Television/Rochester, MN

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