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89%...of readers say it is a mistake for advertisers to support shows such as "The Shield" that contain strong content. Another 5% say some should be wary, depending on their target audience. 3% of the 3,190 who voted said such concerns are outdated.

"This will be seen as frivolous in the future. As a media buyer 10 years ago I was told by my agency superiors not to buy 'NYPD Blue' for any clients. How silly does that sound now?"

Hugh Scallon

VP-marketing/JP Morgan Chase/New York

"These concerns do seem outdated, but even today advertisers need to be respectful of each of their customers. If a show does well there will be advertisers who want to speak to that audience."

Brendan Kelly

National media specialist/Ace Hardware Corp./Oak Brook, Ill.

"All advertisers should be careful of all programming. If advertisers don't support fresh, original programs, we'll have nothing but the lowest denominator up and down the dial."

Dave Robinson

President/The T&O Group/Irvine, Calif.

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