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55% of nearly 300 respondents don't think marketers should be overly concerned about the 48.4 million people who signed up for the federal Do Not Call list in just 66 days. The remaining 45% feel it is a movement to be wary of.

"Did you ever seduce your wife or girlfriend by chasing her day and night with your pants on your knees? Real hunters know: quiet and trust make the deer come to you.... Create human-friendly communication."

Rik Raats, Creative Director, Raats Communications,Belgium

"Even if the government had to mandate it (finally), maybe it makes sense for companies to stop employing a sales tactic that creates a negative consumer brand experience and annoys their customers."

Pete Meister, TradeMaker Group, New York

"This should send a shiver through the spine of everyone in Direct and Consumer Response Marketing. Consumer are fed up with intrusive marketing techniques to the point where they are demanding that the government do something about it. .... Next target: cell phone telemarketing and text messaging, which consumers end up paying for in their monthly usage bills."

Jeremy C. Feldman, Copywriter, New York

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