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"Marketing delivered huge opening weekends, but the movies failed to please. Hulk had tremendous anticipation and surface qualities: special effects, Ang Lee, an iconic character, but people saw it and said, 'What the hell?

I didn't want a quasi-intellectual rehash of a popcorn movie.' Their friends trusted their word of mouth and stayed away..."

Jeff Jenson

Senior writer/Entertainment Weekly/Los Angeles

"The marketing strategy is there, it's just the quality of the film that isn't. It seems now it is hard for movies to stay at the No. 1 spot for several weeks."

Michael Ingram Jr.

CEO-founder/Margni Publishing/Philadelphia

"As the mom of a 14 year-old girl, we had no movies to attend until late July! ... I think Hollywood is missing the boat with the teenage-girl market."

Sheri Emerick

Mom/Portland, Texas

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