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"Based on GDP, it rings true. But, like a bad cold, the ad industry still has sniffles and could start sneezing again."

Steve Fredericks

President-CEO/TNS Media Intelligence/CMR/New York

"It's hard to argue with a mathematical model (and recession is math, not spin). But this recession coincided with enduring change in some industries that's still being felt."

Nancy Bachrach

Exec-VP-chief marketing director/Grey Worldwide/New York

"It may ring true from the economic point of view, but we have a record number of people out of jobs and they aren't being replaced. The jobs are going overseas and people are being laid off. It sure doesn't feel over."

Ellen Sills-Levy

President-CEO/Strategic Surveys International/New York

"It's not true in advertising. When marketers are being cautious about spending, advertising is a flexible budget."

David Beals

President/Jones Lunden Beals/Chicago

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