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"There's an inherent danger to celebrity endorsers, but there are also benefits, especially when the celebrity is linked to the product. With the recent allegations I wouldn't terminate the contract, but would look at the frequency and usage of spots already running."

Stan Levenson

CEO/Levenson Public Relations/Dallas

"Given Kobe's excellent reputation, I would wait to hear what he says before making any rash decisions."

John H. Frew

President-CEO/Hamilton Group/New York

"This is a classic case for marketers and the general public of 'presumed guilty,' which flies in the face of our legal system. If Kobe or his management could look me in the eye and assure me the claims had no basis, I would not start termination proceedings. Whether I would actively market the association in the future is a topic for another day."

Peter Land

General manager, sports and entertainment/Edelman/New York

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