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E-mail 41%

Direct mail 29%

Direct response ads 24%

Other 6%

"Am I missing something here? Why would any marketer want to spend money selling to someone who doesn't want to buy. Won't this make telemarketing more efficient?"

Douglas A. Learner

Exec-VP/MRCA Information Services/Essex, Conn.

"The immediacy and low cost of telemarketing suggests e-mail as a ready replacement. But anti-spam legislation in the work will keep marketers away from e-mail for now."

Vikram D'Mello

Media planner/Iris Shokoff Associates/New York

"Switching to another doomed communications tool like e-mail spamming wouldn't be the smartest idea. Targeting clients through direct marketing is more expensive, but less intrusive."

Manuel Funcia

Account executive/ Rapp Collins/Santo Domingo

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