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87 % ...of voters said that suing consumers isn't enough to stop illegal music downloads. Only 13% of respondents think the RIAA is taking the right steps.

"It's punishment as disincentive. Can it stop illegal music downloading? No. But it is part of the solution. ... Other parts of the solution should be educational, i.e., advancing positive social values. We need to use creative ideas to persuade people to respect intellectual property, as much as or more than physical property."

-Robert Gibralter

Instructor/Columbia University/New York

"The industry's move will accomplish little more than to bring it bad publicity while motivating its enemies (aka customers) to new heights of ingenuity. All it will take is one clever programmer to shift the advantage to the swappers, who will be inspired to new levels of defiance by the RIAA's heavy-handed action."

-Brent Ottaway

Asst. professor/St. Francis University/Loretto, Pa.

"Lowering CD prices and getting more 'fan friendly' in other ways will help the downloading situation somewhat."

-Jan Liverman

Muirfield Broadcasting/Pinehurst, N.C.

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