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56% of this week's voters feel that, in dropping the AOL moniker, Time Warner is helping its corporate image. The remaining 44% feel that the loss of the name could hurt the company.

"I've gone from being the ham in the middle of a regular old sandwich to the top layer of an open-face sandwich."

-Jim Kelly/managing editor, Time /New York

"It was a suicidal thing to use the hated AOL across the board to begin with. Maybe it will take a few years to recover from the image associated with the brand, but they should at least try."

-Inna Hardison/HA Media/Daytona Beach, Fla.

"I like the new name."

-Jack Haire/exec VP, Time Inc./New York

"While they are losing the brand recognition of perhaps the most well-known name on the Internet, they are streamlining their own brand."

-Philip Cox/Americas manager, EuroMoney/New York

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