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75% ...of our voters think California's new Do Not Spam law will spark a national trend. One quarter of our respondents feel anti-spam laws will begin and end with Gov. Gray Davis's proposal.

"I still get snail mail spam everyday. Somehow I doubt there'll be an end to e-mail spam anytime soon."

-Alan Ralsky/#1 on the Register of Known Spam Operations

"Advertising should draw people in, stop them in their tracks, not invade their space or serenity. It should not be some anonymous trash and drivel that is spam."

-Skip Johnson/Skip Shop Ltd./Englishtown, N.J.

"States don't have the resources to effectively police and enforce these laws and Congress isn't the place to make changes, either. Ultimately, legitimate e-mailers are going to have to figure out a match legitimate e-mail to the subscriber account that requested it."

- Kathleen Kane/Director-Response Strategy Martin Williams Advertising/Minneapolis

"It's Monday morning and I just opened my e-mail...there are 109 messages...and 87 of them are spam. And people question anti-spam laws?"

- Jim King/VP-Media Director/ Campbell Mithun/San Diego

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