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81% ...of respondents to's poll conducted as a result of last week's Wal-Mart Report held the view that Wal-Mart is already too large. Another 19% said that the influential retailer still has some room to grow.

"Wal-Mart is still not a global celebrity like Coca-Cola, Microsoft or Jack Daniels. Until they are on every other block in Europe they could stand to grow some more."

- Mark Gabrick/art director/McCann-Erickson/Warsaw, Poland

"The beauty of free enterprise is you get to go wherever you want, as long as you can pay your way. But as Stewart Udall once said, 'We have confused, I fear, power with greatness.' It's not the size, it's how they act."

- Marc Bodner/VP-marketing and communications/National Cable Communications/New York

"Of course Wal-Mart's too large - if you're uncertain, ask the mom and pops."

- Siamak Banshahi/account executive/iLeo/Chicago

"Time and again I have tried to avoid Wal-Mart. I don't want to see the company continue to elbow its way into rural areas and pass judgement on music recordings and publications."

- M. Nelson/student/Niceville, Fla.

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