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55% ...of our respondents think product placement in movies does not sell the product effectively. The remaining 45% of our nearly 400 voters feel such a mixing of entertainment and advertising hits the mark.

" 'ET'-Reeses Pieces-need I say more?"

-Leann Orr/Account executive/Media Concepts/Sioux City, Iowa

"The problem with product placement is that if it is noticed, it is seen as gratuitous and off-putting, and if it isn't noticed it hasn't worked. What a strange business to be in!"

-Robin Azis/CEO/The Entertainment Factor/London

"Advertising is inherently an 'I'm trying to sell you on this' situation. Movies have a different MO and when placement is done right you don't care you've been pitched."

-Mark Wilson/VP-management supervisor/Prime Access/New York

Product "placement works best [with] new brands or little-known brands that are hoping to achieve more awareness.... Nobody needs to see a bag of Doritos in a movie. Big whoop-we know them already and have for years. The viewer gets nothing out of seeing a bag of Doritos- except maybe a sense of annoyance."

-Ben Grill/Research consultant/Sachs Insights/New York

Next week's question is "Has TV lost its power to sell cars as last week's study suggests?" To submit your answer please log on to, QwikFIND aao29v

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