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53% of our online voters believe that TV has lost its power to sell cars as our Oct. 6 report suggested. The remaining 47% think the ads are still capable of generating interest in consumers.

"With the amount of clutter on TV and with much of that clutter being car ads, no one is really breaking through, they are all just lumped together and I assume the recall for most auto ads is very low."

-Daniel Sutton/Account Exec./Weiden & Kennedy/Portland, Ore.

"Sex and glamour and status and image sell. TV sells them better and more visually than anyone. When was the last time you saw a beautiful man or woman fondling the gear shift of a bright red convertible and ripping across a newspaper page into the sunset, dirt and dust flying?"

-Ed Barr/Marketing Teacher/Heinz School, Carnegie Mellon University/Pittsburgh

"I don't think any ONE medium has the ability to sell such a high involvement product as a car. While TV's role in the purchase cycle has changed, it is still one of the best awareness and branding tools for cars available. "

-Wendy Aldrich/Marketing Director/InterActiveCorp/West Hollywood, Calif.

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