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56% of voters believe Britney Spears' sexy music video is an appropriate product placement venue for a mainstream marketer like Mazda. Of the 44% who said it isn't, many feared an advertiser's image would be damaged by association with the video's overtly sexual tone.

"America has changed: MTV, 'Jackass,' reality TV, 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.' What was once outlandish is now ho-hum, mainstream. In these times, being associated with current events/personalities is no different than being associated with disco in its era."

-Chistopher Laurance/President/Distraction Marketing, Newport Beach, Calif.

"Product placement and following pop trends is one thing, but taking the chance of completely ruining your image by associating yourself with overly sexual tones will only cause pain. Going from 'zoom-zoom' to 'lick-lick' just doesn't seem right."

-Nick Stewart/President/PTMG Worldwide, Santa Monica, Calif.

"Who wouldn't want to drive the car either of these lovely and extremely sexy ladies drive? In today's world, this plug isn't something to worry about."

-Allison Peck/Marketing assistant/Pearson Education, Upper Saddle River, N.J.

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