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52% ... of voters feel alcoholic beverage marketers are not targeting underage drinkers. The remaining 48% feel minors are part of the audience alcoholic beverage ads are geared toward.

"Beer's target is MEN and what do roughly 70% of all men do on Sunday and Monday nights? They watch football games. ... I can't even tell you one alcoholic ad that even shows college parties. "

Matt Johnson/Media planner/Periscope/Minneapolis

"Look at where the beer industry places billboards: near schools, colleges and universities. Look where its ads are: in print publications read mostly by teens. Come on, they know they have to secure new recruits to drink."

Frank Baker/Media educator/Columbia, S.C.

"[T]he target market for many alcoholic beverages are, in fact, college students or people in their late 20s. Also included are people who like to stay young and have fun. I think advertisers have it tough trying to say [that they are] advertising to a 21-year-old, not a 20-year-old, because their psychographics and demographics are so similar."

John Schoofs/Student/University of Wisconsin/Green Bay, Wis.

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