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85% of our respondents feel the FDA should not drop the side-effects rule for print DTC drug ads. The remaining 15% think that not printing the side-effects in direct-to-consumer drug marketing will have no adverse effects.

"Drop the rule. DTC drug ads deliver a message to stimulate an inquiry from a potential consumer to the physician. They also help consumers recognize symptoms and seek help. They don't deliver actual drugs. Both the doctor and the pharmacist deliver the drug and both provide side-effects information that the consumer acknowledges in writing."

-Jud Spangler/Brand manager/Lancaster, Pa.

"I think it is imperative that the FDA maintain that standard. The person suffering has the right to know in advance what the side effects are in order to determine whether s/he even wants to ask her/his physician about the drug."

-Annette Robb/Real estate broker/Lyon Real Estate/ Sacramento, Calif.

"It's ridiculous to hijack up to three pages for one drug advertisement that consumers can't readily get of their own accord."

-Avery Fisher/Lead designer/All Media Guide/Ann Arbor, Mich.

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