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51% ...of our online voters think the low-carb eating trend is a passing fad. The remaining 49% of our over 300 respondents think the diet is a real, growing market.

"Low carb works. I know quite a few people (myself included) that have gone on the diet and it's succeeded for them all. So, unless someone comes out with hardcore medical evidence proving it dangerous, I would have to say it's here to stay. And with all the food manufacturers and fast food chains jumping on board, it's staying in a BIG WAY."

-Sean Monesson/Founder-CEO, MRG International/New York

"As more and more consumers realize the benefits of low-carb eating on their health (and on their weight) and the demand for lower carbs/less refined carbs accelerates, smart companies will work to adapt their products and expand their product lines to meet the growing need."

-Donna Tracy/Exec VP-marketing, Allant Group/Naperville, Ill.

"While the 'low-carb' diet is currently a very impressive and influential marketing trend, I see it as a fad that reflects a trend towards more healthy eating and lifestyle choices. My European friends just think these type of diets are silly and that Americans should just eat less and get off our butts and get some exercise."

-Allen E. Barkus/President, Ted Barkus Co./Philadelphia

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