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63% ...of over 2,000 online voters feel GM's 1,000-vehicle giveaway is brilliant marketing. The remaining 37% of respondents think it is an act of desperation.

"A thousand cars is substantial. If they're trying to get people into the showrooms, they'll succeed. I'm sure the people at GM weighed the cost benefit of higher rebates [versus] a giveaway. At least they're switching things up."

Nicholas A. Czuczko/Publisher, EPIC Media/Beverly Hills, Calif.

"With ten new models launching, it's a desperate way to get people to see the nice-looking cars that are suffering from shoddy craftsmanship and poor quality. If they produced fewer models that were of higher quality, they would not need to give them away."

Jeff Wasserman/VP, The PreTesting Company/Tenafly, N.J.

"This is a bold move. It gets consumers into the showrooms and into the cars of GM. GM is also saying that they are confident that people are more likely to buy a GM product once they've gotten a feel for it. If I want to sell more suits, my sales increase occurs when I get more men to try them on."

Pete Moissis/Major Accounts Representative, JB Dollar Magazine/Cleveland

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