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52% ...of voters think the Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson Super Bowl incident was brilliant PR. The remaining 48% of almost 800 respondents believe the stunt was nothing more than a shameful public affront.

"Forget the debate about morality this incident sparked. We're talking about bigwig PR here. Janet's the thing everybody's talking about. She gained overnight attention around the globe. The goal has been achieved."

-Janet Garver/Houston

"I'm all for publicity stunts, but be clever about it. What Janet did was just plain tacky and came off more as an act of desperation. Hopefully, however, she has lowered the bar so much that no one else will be able to crawl below it."

-Jane Berk/President/Jane Group/Los Angeles

"What started out in Janet Jackson's mind as brilliant PR ended up as a public affront. She was going with the tone of the whole halftime show, which was rock 'n' roll raunchy. But, because she either did not consider or did not realize how many families watch the Super Bowl together, that brilliant PR turned into something awful that the media has beaten to death ever since."

-Jan Liverman/Account executive/Muirfield Broadcasting/Southern Pines, N.C.

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