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56% ... of respondents don't think Wendy's new "Mr. Wendy" character will succeed as a brand spokesman. The remaining 44% think the new pitchman may have what it takes to put Wendy's foremost in consumer's minds.

"The new 'Mr. Wendy' isn't funny, catchy, or even annoying to the point where he sticks in your mind. He doesn't seem like someone that would be able to succeed in convincing others to buy Wendy's salads. When people are asked about Wendy's, even years from now, they will remember Dave Thomas, not 'Mr. Wendy."

-Travis Back/Student/Miami University/Oxford, Ohio

"I think he's a refreshing introduction into a market that's heavily saturated with each restaurant's being all over the board in their advertising. He's got potential to really streamline a brand, which is well needed in this area."

-Erica D. Green/Art director/New York

"Wendy's was named after a little red-headed girl ... .All marketing graphics and images evoke this illustrated 'character.' Introducing an adult male character named 'Mr. Wendy' goes against Wendy's integrated marketing mix. Ignoring 'Wendy' is image neglect."

-Tim Hill/Owner/TA Hill Advertising/Columbia, S.C.

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