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71% ...of voters agree with Myrna Blyth's statement that women's magazines have a liberal agenda. The remaining 29% of over 1,000 respondents think the issue transcends politics.

"It's solely because the interests of women are far more closely aligned with, and served by [the liberal] agenda-as opposed to the conservative agenda that rejects such basic ideas as equal pay, reproductive rights and universal access to affordable health care."

-Doug Johnson/President/InBranch MC/Chapel Hill, N.C.

"For many years now, women have received a lot more information and advice to help them grow in their roles as women, workers, housekeepers and lovers. Is this the definition of 'Liberal Agenda'? So be it."

-Gino Mandoloni/Regional brand coordinator/Apex BBDO/San Salvador

"It is because we [women] are just now getting our voice heard in the world that many men and traditional women find our opinion so out there. They aren't used to hearing us speak up. Had we a voice for the last 100 years or so, our so-called agendas would not seem so foreign and against the grain."

-Amanda Gaze/Administrative assistant/Suffolk University/Boston

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