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79% of respondents agree with the Association of National Advertisers that the TV upfront market has to be overhauled. The remaining 21% don't see selling ad time at projected prices a year in advance as the problem.

"A lot doesn't work anymore. This isn't just about the upfront - this is about everything. We are receiving more data than we have ever received before and we can't process it all. We're still doing business the old-fashion way and it's got to change."

-Kathy Crawford/President-Local Broadcast/MindShare/New York

"The upfront comes from a time when there were three TV networks, 90% viewer sharing and auto companies introduced their new cars in the fall. ... If the upfront buying process does not reflect the needs and wants of 21st century buyers, then everybody loses."

-Charles Rutman/Exec VP/ Carat USA/New York

"There are certain things that need to be changed. However ... there is still a cost savings to buying upfront and it still offers the best rates and the best programming for a specific time of the year."

-Steve Grubbs/CEO/ PHD North America/New York

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