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56% ...of voters think it is unlikely magazines will be able to reverse their newsstand declines. The remaining 44% think a change in the downward trend is still possible.

"Three reasons why the newsstand decline will continue: 1) There are too many magazines fighting for space; 2) people are starting to realize that most magazine content is advertiser-centric (and not reader-centric); and 3) distributors are not doing their job. They do not have any risk."

-Nicholas Theodore/Magazine Publishing Consultant/Montreal

"As our lives become more and more hectic, we will take even less time to read and become even more dependent on 'instant sound bite' news sources like TV and the Internet. ... It will require a reversal in that cultural trend for magazines to regain their place as a source of in-depth information."

-David Miller/ Asst. Prof. Business Administration/Oklahoma Panhandle State University/Goodwell, Okla.

"Magazine sales ... will flatten out, some may even rebound, but not to previous levels as long as consumers have choices on how to receive information (e.g., print vs. online vs. TV). Magazines will not disappear ... many consumers prefer the tangible, glossy properties of print."

-Nancy Horisk-Sherr/Director-Business Development/ Creative Communications/Claymont, Del.

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